Fiona Bruce trivialised domestic abuse Viral Video On Twitter, Reddit

BBC defends Fiona Bruce over accusations presenter ‘trivialised domestic abuse'Fiona Bruce on the set of Question Time (Richard Lewisohn/BBC)

Fiona Bruce on the set of Question Time (Richard Lewisohn/BBC)

The BBC has defended Question Time's Fiona Bruce against accusations that she trivialised domestic abuse during a discussion about Stanley Johnson.

The presenter has faced a social media backlash after intervening when father of former prime minister Boris Johnson was described as a “wife-beater” in Thursday's episode of the show.

Journalist and panel member Yasmin Alibhai-Brown had said the 82-year-old's alleged history of violence was “on the record”.

Ms Bruce interrupted, telling Ms Alibhai-Brown and the audience: “I'm not disputing what you're saying, but just so everyone knows what this is referring to, Stanley Johnson's wife spoke to a journalist, Tom Bower, and she said that Stanley Johnson had broken her nose and that she'd ended up in hospital as a result.

“Stanley Johnson has not commented publicly on that. Friends of his have said it did happen but it was a one-off.”

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