How to Post WhatsApp Voice Note as Status 2023 (Step By Step Guide)

How to Post WhatsApp Voice Note as Status 2023 (Step By Step Guide)
How to Post WhatsApp Voice Note as Status 2023 (Step By Step Guide)

How to Post WhatsApp Voice Note as Status 2023 (Step By Step Guide)

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used social messaging apps around the globe. In the earlier stage, WhatsApp was just about sending messages and pictures. But, after the acquisition by Facebook, they started rolling out new updates and features. One such feature is WhatsApp status, in which you upload a photo or video, and will be available to your friends and family for 24 hours.


It is just like the Snapchat story feature. WhatsApp keeps on adding more features to its app. They recently rolled out a WhatsApp payment feature, which allows you to send or receive money over WhatsApp. But there’s one more feature in the latest update. WhatsApp now allows users to add voice notes on Whatsapp stories. Though this feature is currently in the beta phase, it will get rolled out once verified.

But what exactly is WhatsApp Voice Status? Or How to post WhatsApp Voice Status? These questions may come to your mind. But don’t worry; read the article to know all about WhatsApp Voice Status and how to post WhatsApp Voice Status.

What Is WhatsApp Voice Note Status?

WhatsApp has been rolling out new updates. One of which is the WhatsApp status rolled out in 2017. After that, new updates were rolled out to make the status more appealing and attractive. One recent update is adding voice notes as your WhatsApp status.

In a Tuesday announcement, WhatsApp introduced Voice Status, a feature that lets users record and share short audio messages as status updates (up to 30 seconds long). Users will find a microphone icon on the status screen; tapping it, they can record their WhatsApp status.

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It makes status updates feel more personalized and gives people an alternative to typing or using images. Last month, beta users on Android and iOS could try out WhatsApp’s new Voice Status feature.

How To Post WhatsApp Voice Status?

Not everyone has yet received the WhatsApp Voice Status feature, which is still in beta. But you must have received the feature if you are a beta user. If yes, then here’s how to post WhatsApp Voice Status.

  • Download and Open the WhatsApp Business App on your device.
  • Head on to the Status section of the app.
  • Here, tap on the plus button to add WhatsApp status.
  • Here you’ll see three options, i.e., Camera, Text, and Voice.
  • Select “Voice,” and a new Voice Status screen will open up.
  • Tap on “Record” to start recording your audio. After finishing, tap on “stop recording.”
  • Add any caption, and tap on the Send icon to post it.

Why Isn’t There A Voice Status Feature On My WhatsApp?

Since the feature is in the development phase, it has not been rolled out to all users. Only some users enrolled in the beta testing have access to this feature. So, there’s nothing you can do regarding it. Just wait and watch your Play Store or App Store for WhatsApp updates.

What Is The Benefit Of Posting WhatsApp Voice Status?

Voice Statuses are a great way to quickly and easily express yourself on WhatsApp. You can share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with your friends and family by recording your voice and posting it as a status. Additionally, Voice Statuses allow people to express themselves more personally than text-based statuses.

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With the ability to record their voice, users can add emotion to their messages that cannot be captured in words alone. Furthermore, Voice Statuses are easy to create and post, making them an excellent option for busy people who want to stay connected with their contacts.

Salient Features Of WhatsApp Voice Status:

Salient Features Of Whatsapp Voice Status

Though in the beta stage, it has been tested by many users. Here are some of the salient features of WhatsApp Voice Status.

  • WhatsApp is working on a new feature that allows you to add voice notes to your WhatsApp story.
  • Users can record brief audio messages and use one of several pre-made backgrounds as their status updates.
  • This update will be available to both iOS and Android users.
  • A microphone-shaped icon will appear in WhatsApp users’ status bars. Users can record 30-second status by clicking the microphone icon.
  • The user will have discretion in terms of privacy. They can choose the people who can see the recorded status, which will be shared only among those users.
  • The feature is still in the beta stage; Meta is constantly working on the feature and will roll out feature globally.
  • With the update, there are several new features to come. These include the ability to text yourself, the ability to share calls within the app, and the ability to edit your WhatsApp messages.


I hope now you know how to post WhatsApp Voice Status. That’s all about the WhatsApp Voice Status as of now. Since its in the development phase, the feature is not rolled out to every user.

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