Videos reveal Tyre Nichols waited 22 minutes for ambulance

Videos reveal Tyre Nichols waited 22 minutes for ambulance

A spokesperson for the New York City Police Department said three people have been arrested for allegedly damaging a police vehicle during a protest in Times Square. Demonstrations in other cities, including Atlanta, Washington and Sacramento, appeared largely peaceful.


The first video released Friday shows officers dragging Nichols out of the driver’s seat of his car and pulling up at an intersection as he yells, “I didn’t do anything… I’m just trying to get home.” ground, have him lie down on his stomach and spray pepper spray on his face.

Nichols breaks free and runs into the street, with the police in pursuit. At least one fired a stun gun at him. Other footage shows an ongoing struggle after police again caught up with Nichols in a nearby neighborhood. As two officers hold him down, a third kicks him and a fourth hits him with what appears to be a truncheon before another hits Nichols.

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