How to Calculate GPA and CGPA in Nigeria University

How to Calculate GPA and CGPA in Nigeria UniversityHow to Calculate GPA and CGPA in Nigeria University

If you are a new university student or are still applying, you must be wondering how to calculate CGPA in Pakistan. A search for GPAand CGPA will most likely yield two terms. By scrolling down a little, you can calculate the GPA and CGPA in Pakistan.


What is the GPA in Nigeria?

A four-year graduate degree programme has eight semesters, so your GPA (Grade Point Average) will be calculated eight times. It’s your semester performance, just like your final term exam grades, marks, and percentages. In universities, the semester GPA is used to describe the results of a semester.

Formula for GPA = Average = Total sum of all values / Total number of all values

What is the CGPA in Nigeria?

The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average), which is calculated after each semester, appears to be the average result of your degree. When it comes to graduation, your CGPA will reflect your overall performance. How, for example, was your matric result computed?

Formula for CGPA = Total Sum of (GPA * Credits) / Total Number of credits

How to Calculate GPA in Pakistan?

Your workload is determined by the courses you select each semester. There is also a criterion for determining the grade. In school, we used to have midterm, final, and class quizzes. The teacher also checked our class participation and gave us feedback and a grade on our work. Every university uses a different criterion to calculate your semester GPA.

At some universities, students’ grades/percentages are calculated using the following criteria. Each student will be assigned a grade based on their final grade/percentage. The grade average is used to calculate the student’s GPA. As a result, in addition to their university exams, students must focus on a variety of other activities.

First, you have know the course criteria score

  • Quizzes, Assignments, Project Presentation, Class Participation score, is 30%
  • Mid-Term Examination score is 30%
  • The final Examination score is 40%

To know grades on respective marks/percentage

Like an example,

Grades Grade Points Percentage Score
A 4.0 90-100%
A- 3.67 86-89%
B+ 3.33 81-85%
B 3.0 77-80%
B- 2.67 72-76%
C+ 2.33 68-71%
C 2.0 63-67%
C- 1.67 58-62%
D+ 1.33 54-57%
D 1.00 50-53%
F 0.00 Below 50%

Know the average your average grade score

For example, using the grading system described above, if you take courses in a semester and receive the following grade:

Courses Grades Grade Points
Course A A- 3.67
Course B A 4
Course C B 3
Course D B- 2.67
Course E C 2
Course F B 3

Average of grade points = (3.67+4+3+2.67+2+3)/6   Calculated GPA = 3.06

How to Calculate CGPA in Pakistan?

Because your performance improves semester by semester, your CPGA is calculated at the end of each semester. As a result, it is the sum of your GPAs.

Semesters GPA CGPA
Semester 1 3.06 3.06
Semester 2 3.16 3.11
Semester 3 3.65 3.29
Semester 4 3.70 3.39
Semester 5 3.59 3.43
Semester 6 2.77 3.32
Semester 7 3.25 3.31
Semester 8 3.28 3.30

Because the average of 3.06 does not change, the CGPA does not change in the first semester. 3.06 and 3.11 add up to 3.11, which was discovered later when the GPA for the second semester was 3.11. The CGPAsare computed as well.

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