Watch Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video Went Viral, Ceaser Beating Dog Become Sensation On Reddit & Twitter

Who is Ceaser Black Ink Dog?

The video is quite disturbing to watch, but it is gaining a lot of attention online. Animal rights activists condemned him for his cruel behavior and demanded harsh punishment. The video has gone viral, and people are even sharing it with one another.

Watch Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video

If you use Twitter, you might recognize the video and the person in it. Ceaser Black Ink, also known as Ceaser Emanuel, recently resurfaced on Twitter with a video of him beating a dog. People are harshly criticizing him and leaving numerous negative comments.

Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video Viral on Twitter

The show’s producers decided to fire the 43-year-old TV personality from the show, which means that viewers will not see this host in a new season this time.

Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video Viral on Reddit

Now, this controversy has brought problems in his work and according to the reports, he has been fired from a hit and long-running reality show which is airing on VH1. Those who follow him know that he has appeared on the show Black Ink Crew New York, but the video of him assaulting a dog caused the producers to remove him from the show.

Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video Viral on Social Media

The viral video from Ring cameras shows the parlor owner repeatedly assaulting the dog with a folding chair, locking the dog in the cage, and shoving the dog down a hill. After seeing the video and receiving a lot of backlash and criticism.

Name Ceaser Black Ink Dog
Viral Date 18 Oct 2022
Viral Platform Twitter, Reddit & Social Media
Video Yes
Photo Yes


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