‘Phyna and Groovy Had 0ral S€X Under The Duvet’ – Bella Reveal To Chomzy

‘Phyna and Groovy Had 0ral S€X Under The Duvet' – Bella Reveal To Chomzy

HMs have merged, and this morning there's a rumor that Groovy and Phyna have had oral sax under the duvet. The rumor started with Amaka who last week, had a chat with Chi Chi from level 1, giving her some details about Phyna's relationship with Groovy.

Chi Chi went back and told Bella. Bella told Chomzy, all happening within last week at the Level 1 house. Bella told Chomzy as her best friend and confidant, asking her to be careful around Groovy who claims he likes her.

Now merged as HMs, Chomzy confronts Groovy with what she heard about him and Phyna. Groovy denies it and confronts Phyna about giving away any such fake information. Phyna confronts Amaka who also denies giving away such information to Chi Chi. Chi Chi and Bella also deny giving away such information. At this point everyone is denying their ancestors and attacking Chomzy for meeting Groovy with such ‘fake information,' saying she's trying to stir up something. Chomzy maintains her stand saying it was Bella who told her what she told Groovy and she said everyone like she heard it… Who is lying though?

Slide 1: Amaka denying the story to Phyna

Slide 2: Bella denying ever giving such information to Chomzy

Slide 3: Chomzy expressing shock at how Bella has denied everything she told her.

Watch the video below:

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