Ways to spend quality time without having s3x

Ways to spend quality time without having s3xWays to spend quality time without having s3x

*Stay away from places that will encourage and are conducive for sex.

* Don't indulge in group dating. It might lead to peer pressure.

*Visit places of interest, i.e the Zoo, Park, Mall, Museum, Beach, Restaurants, etc.

*Go to the Cinemas or stay in-doors to see your favourite movies. Stay away from X-rated movies.

*Go out and visit friends and introduce each other to family members-this gives a sense of belonging and acceptance.

*Have the fear of God in your heart by reading His words and cultivating a relationship with Him.

*Have a good body image and self esteem of yourself. This will help with most of the decisions you make concerning your body and your life.

* Discuss with your parents, guardians, religious leaders and counselors when you have doubts.

Note that you cannot truly love until you learn to love yourself. When you love yourself, you will never do anything that will harm you or put you in situations you don't want.

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