Plateau Leadership Summit to hold 23rd June – Register for free

Plateau Leadership Summit to hold 23rd June – Register for free

The annual Plateau Leadership Summit is hold on 23rd June, 2022 at Crest Hotel, Jos, Registration portal is now open for free.


The Plateau Leadership Summit (PLS) is an annual event, embarked upon to support and promote the setting up of a heritage and progressive leadership agenda for the state in all ramifications.

Over the years, PLS has impacted tremendously on the politics of Plateau State by heralding ideas from seasoned Democrats, Technocrats, Academics, Administrators, Captains of Industries and Religious Leaders who are passionate about the socio-economic growth of Plateau vis-a-vis the unity of her people.

This year’s theme- “”The Plateau Dream: Sustaining the Vision of our Fathers” aims at creating an intersection between the younger and older generation of leaders that can evolve a succession plan capable of placing Plateau and Nigeria on the cutting edge of unprecedented supply of problem-solving leadership trajectory.

We enjoin you to be part of this epoch event as we chart the way into the of the PLATEAU of our dream.

Register Here:  to attend the Plateau Leadership Summit 5.0

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