More Wins For Ckay As He Becomes The Best Selling Afrobeat Artist


CKay Becomes The Best Selling Afrobeat Artist And 10th Best In The World

Nigerian Afrobeat singer CKay has now become the best-selling Afrobeat artist and the 10th best-selling artist in the world, leaving , , and behind.

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Not many artists can brag about having the most Shazamed song in the world and being the best-selling Afrobeat artist in the world, but can. The Afrobeats star is continuing to hit major milestones with his hit single “Love Nwantiti“, he sure must be feeling blessed right now.

Speaking about his song, “Love Nwantiti” a while back, he said, It wasn't really something heard of. There are not really many songs in the Afrobeats space, in the Afrobeats Hall of Fame, that had choruses like that, that sounded like that.

In fact, the label I was signed to at the time didn't even take the song seriously as a single because it wasn't a club record. It wasn't fast.

Little did know that his song is going to be one for the books. For 3 consecutive weeks, has continued to hit major achievements in his career with a single hit song.

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