M.I Abaga Reflects On His Career After Entering A ‘Keke Napep


M.I Abaga Reflects On His Career After Boarding A ‘Keke Napep

M.I abaga

Ace rapper, M.I Abaga is reflecting on his life – career, bank account- after he used a tricycle as means of transportation.

The Action film artiste shared a video of him in Keke Napep on his IG story. He begged his followers to help analyze his situation and provided a solution on how he got to this point in his life.

He wondered if he got into this situation because of stubbornness, pride, or selfishness.

M.I fans found the video to be amusing. Some commented that M.I must have been forced to use a tricycle because of Lagos traffic. Others commented that his situation isn’t that bad for him to have been able to afford drop- Charter service.


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