If They Can’t Be Declare As Terrorists, They Should Be Declared As Bokoharam Affiliates

If They Can’t Be Declare As Terrorists They Should Be Declared As Boko haram Affiliates.

If They Can’t Be Declare As Terrorists They Should Be Declared As Boko haram Affiliates.

If They Can’t Be Declare As Terrorists They Should Be Declared As Boko haram Affiliates.

Almost a month ago, both chambers of the National Assembly passed motions urging President Buhari to declare bandits as terrorists. But they have not been declared terrorists for some reason. Although, not declaring bandits as terrorists are inhibiting our troop’s ability to fight them. For example, it’s reported that the U.S. has stipulated that the A-29 Super Tucano jets recently sold Nigeria can only be used on terrorists, so they can’t be deployed on bandits because they’re not officially terrorists.

If we take a little more pain to study and understand the criteria for declaring a group as a “Terrorist” it would be helpful to understand the implications in hurriedly declaring and Gazetting just any group as a “Terrorist” organization. Below are tangible reasons bandits should not be proscribed.


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1. International consequences.

Declaring any group as a “Terrorist” organization has more implications than you think: It has international consequences for financing, providing logistics, intel, supplies, cover, etc., by individuals, organizations, and institutions. Should the Federal Government declare these non related groups as “terrorists” the international community may be unable to join the coalition as the appellation “Terrorists” fall far short of the global definition.

2. Nigeria bandits have no structure.

Such a group shall have a defined Structure and Organisation, these bandits exist but they are amorphous and operate as “Silos”.

3. They have no identity.

The group shall have an identity ( name, insignia, symbol, color, or such like): these bandits do not meet these criteria.

Are there alternatives? Yes. They can be declared as Cells, appendages, or affiliates (whatever) of the terrorist group Boko Haram. Nigerians should not misunderstand the minimum benchmark for some of these issues. Some think that the Administration is treating them with kid gloves.

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