This is to advise all artistes whose songs would be showcased on this site, that before any song will be uploaded the artist must have legal claim over such song because we at will not be held responsible for any claim of piracy by any artiste.

Each artiste is expected to follow the following guidelines.

1. Artiste must have legal claim over any song that will be on our site.

2. Every artiste is expected to give full authorization and permission to upload their song.

3. All content on the website must be either paid or sponsored.

4. The authorization aforementioned means that can give users of this site the right to download, share and comment on any song.

5. All artistes are expected to come along with a photograph of themselves.

6. Downloading by users will be free.

7. Transactions will be on personal basis.

All artistes are expected to comply and agree with these terms and conditions before transaction can take place.